Pure Nickel 99.9% (Ni) - 0.2mm (200 Micron - 32 AWG)

Pure Nickel 99.9% (Ni) - 0.2mm (200 Micron - 32 AWG)
Pure Nickel 99.9% (Ni) - 0.2mm (200 Micron - 32 AWG) - view 1
Pure Nickel 99.9% (Ni) - 0.2mm (200 Micron - 32 AWG) - view 2

If you need help figuring out what you need to achieve a certain resistance, please see this helpful calculator:


Select Spool Size

5 For The Price Of 4

About The Wire:

These are soft wires. They are easy to handle and cut.

These spools are small and are designed to suit every pocket.

Please contact us directly if you require a larger spool length of this wire (crazywire@themeshcompany.com)

Common Application(s):

Dimensions of Wire:

Diameter - 0.2mm (200 Micron - 32 AWG)

Length - Various Options

Weight - Various Options

Spool Type - Large plastic bobbin.

Technical Specification:

Electrical Properties

Electrical resistivity @20C ( µOhmcm ) 6.9
Temperature coefficient @0-100C ( K-1 ) 0.0068
Thermal emf against Pt (cold 0C - hot 100C) ( mV ) -1.48

Mechanical Properties

Material condition Soft Hard Polycrystalline
Bulk modulus ( GPa ) 177.3
Hardness - Brinell 100 190
Izod toughness ( J m-1 ) 160 160
Poisson's ratio 0.312
Tensile modulus ( GPa ) 199.5
Tensile strength ( MPa ) 400 660
Yield strength ( MPa ) 150 480

Physical Properties

Boiling point ( C ) 2732
Density @20C ( g cm-3 ) 8.9
Melting point ( C ) 1453

Thermal Properties

Coefficient of thermal expansion @0-100C ( x10-6 K-1 ) 13.3
Latent heat of evaporation ( J g-1 ) 6378
Latent heat of fusion ( J g-1 ) 292
Specific heat @25C ( J K-1 kg-1 ) 444
Thermal conductivity @0-100C ( W m-1 K-1 ) 90.9

Delivery of Product:

This wire is kept in stock. We do our absolute best to ensure that the site is kept up to date with the latest stock levels.

Once an order is placed it should be shipped within 1 working day. This may not be the case if it's especially complicated to put together, or if we have to wait for a machine to be free to produce the spool.

Please contact us if your order MUST be shipped within a certain timeframe.

Through our checkout you can order your shipment using the following methods:

- Default option for UK delivery - 1st Class Royal Mail - 1 - 2 day arrival speed usually
- Recorded option for UK delivery - 1 day arrival speed from shipment usually
- Courier option for UK delivery - 1 day arrival speed

- Default option for international delivery - Standard Airmail - 5 - 14 day arrival speed usually
- Recorded option for international delivery - 3 - 10 day arrival speed from shipment usually

Opening Times:

We (The Crazy Wire Company) are an industrial manufacturing and supply company. We operate out of our factory in Warrington. We DO NOT have a public shop for visitation.

If you wish to come in and see our range then you MUST call ahead. This is because the factory may not be suitable for visitation at any one time. Forklift trucks and other larger vehicles and machinery operate in our warehouse and it's not suitable for unscheduled visits from the general public. Please call us on 01925 406 602 if you wish to arrange for a time to visit our factory.

We are open from 7AM - 5PM from Monday to Friday. We DO NOT operate on Saturdays or Sundays. Orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday will be picked up for production by the morning shift on the subsequent Monday.

Shop With Confidence:

Our group of companies has been operation for over 150 years. We have a huge amount of stock in our warehouse in Warrington and we're always using our contacts to add to our range.

If you have any questions about anything to do with our products, our service or wire and mesh in general, then please contact us at crazywire@themeshcompany.com.

Happy Shopping


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